Count Raven - High On Infinity CD

Swedish doom metal group Count Raven was formed in 1989 by vocalist Christian Linderson, guitarist Dan Fondelius, bassist Tommy Erikkson and drummer Christer Pettersson. This version comes with bonus track.

Track Listing
1. Jen
2. Children´s Holocaust
3. In Honour
4. The Madman From Waco
5. Masters Of All Evil
6. Ode To Rebecca
7. High On Infinity
8. An Ordinary Loser
9. Traitor
10. The Dance
11. The Coming
12. Lost World
13. Cosmos

14. Chrittes Triumph

Info Produk
Copyright Cyclone Empire. (2005)
Origin Germany.

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Count Raven - High On Infinity CD

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  • Artist/Band Count Raven
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